Testing our UX Monitoring System at Health Innovation Zealand

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“The purpose of the collaboration was to pilot level test the solution to be considered for larger-scale usage in deployment and optimization of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. This included assessment of the benefits and considerations, as well as ease-of-use and usefulness of the solution from the users’ perspective. In addition, GDPR and local data protection requirements needed to be … Read More

Users of a New Patient Information System can Easily Contribute to the System Development – ”It’s like a Black Box of an Airplane but for Doctors and Nurses”

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Implementations of New Patient Information Systems have Started – the Aim is a Fluent Transfer Period When a new patient information system is being implemented it is important to ensure the reliability and user-friendliness of the system. This is why Adusso Ltd. has developed an application that gathers the user experiences of the healthcare professionals and the activities of the … Read More

Harmony of services – Usability Should be Part of the Entire Customer Experience

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Why not considering excellent customer experience as a harmony of services? How do we make all the relevant service points serve the growth of customer satisfaction and loyalty? Especially in digital services, positive experiences directly lead to business rewards such as reduced churn and increased revenue. Understanding customers or users of services should be the starting point of developing solutions … Read More

Health IT: Better Usability is Worth €18M

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It’s challenging to evaluate usability when buying an IT system. Would it even be possible to predict an IT system’s value in real use? It’s often said that, “In public procurement, we always need to choose the cheapest one”, but is this really the case? An IT system itself doesn’t have much value besides its practical utility and this may … Read More

Better Health with a New Approach to Digital Solutions

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Recent public discussion and several studies indicate that some of the information systems used in healthcare have a range of deficiencies that make professional clinicians work slower and more complicated. Generally, this applies both to the public and private sectors. According to the Finnish Medical Association (FMA), the annual labor input for over 600 doctors gets wasted due to inefficient … Read More

Three Reasons to use BlackBox Recording and Screen Capture in Healthcare

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Today’s health information systems are becoming increasingly complex, as they are constantly evolving. Modern EHR’s cover a wide range of new functionalities and will eventually replace a large portion of the systems that are currently being used in hospitals. As these systems increase in complexity, there is a need for consistent system development starting from the initial implementation phase all … Read More