Users of a New Patient Information System can Easily Contribute to the System Development – ”It’s like a Black Box of an Airplane but for Doctors and Nurses”

Melissa WelanderUser Experience Monitoring

Implementations of New Patient Information Systems have Started – the Aim is a Fluent Transfer Period

When a new patient information system is being implemented it is important to ensure the reliability and user-friendliness of the system. This is why Adusso Ltd. has developed an application that gathers the user experiences of the healthcare professionals and the activities of the system into an understandable format. This helps to pinpoint the issues that need more focus when developing the system further to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

The new patient information systems are implemented gradually. As a part of a bigger transition project in the Finnish capital region, HUS Peijas Hospital has been the first one to implement Apotti in November of 2018. The black box has been developed in cooperation with Apotti, however, the application does not come automatically with the system. It is possible to download the computer application from Adusso’s website for testing purposes, and it is compatible with any patient information system.

The application offers the doctors and nurses a convenient way to give feedback on the system straight to the developers. It is important that the system serves the purpose it is meant for. Utilizing the professionalism and hearing the needs of the personnel is crucial when the system is being developed further.

Fast and Easy Way to Report Issues

In case the information system does not work in a reasonable way, any issues jeopardizing the patient safety can be traced and fixed as soon as possible. It is important the employee’s time is not wasted writing long error reports in the case that a part of the system fails to work. By using Adusso’s application, giving feedback (positive or negative) happens with just one click, adding a short comment is voluntary.

It is possible to direct the feedback as safely encrypted straight to the developers who can spot the major issues and analyze which positive aspects are reported most frequently.

In the beginning, the issues are typically technical such as interoperability problems, like the system failing to write e-recipes or the system giving error messages. It is important to resolve the issues immediately in order to let the employees notice new and positive aspects of the system as well. The purpose is to ease the work, not complicate it.

The black box has already been tested and studied in numerous hospital districts. Benefits include rapid and efficient user support, prioritized issue resolution, and improvements in uninterrupted care. This ensures information security and the privacy of patients’ data, which have both been top priorities. Who views patient information is traceable and there are different options for anonymization depending on the purpose. Adusso uses a double anonymization process, which includes the initial anonymization, masking both patient and user ID, and the automatic anonymization, which blurs all sensitive text, making sure to reveal only what is necessary. The research studies have given numerous observations on positive and negative user experiences collected by the box and raised understanding about how different scenarios occur in the patient information systems.

If someone wants to adopt the black box into use, it is best to take this up with the director in charge of your healthcare organization. The application can be downloaded easily from our website.

Getting started with the application: