User Experience Monitoring

UX2play-service helps to succeed in IT system deployments and maintenance. Gain insight into the customer digital experience through the perspective of the end user in real time. Solve ongoing problems quicker and achieve better end-user satisfaction by letting your professional users have a constructive feedback channel.

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  • Are you a nurse or a doctor? Do you want to get your work done well, but get annoyed by the current IT systems?
  • Are you in charge of patient safety?
  • Would you like to have a proven and effortless way to achieve improvements?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Instructions for Use

1. Log in and Change Your Password


3. Install Application

Click for "More info" and check that the publisher of the app is "Adusso Ltd." if Windows Defender pops up.


4. Capture User Experience

Remember to login and choose a project for realtime upload of the recordings. Adjust settings and start recording.


5. View and Utilize the Results

All marked up events appear on for further analysis and to be shared with your colleagues.


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