Testing our UX Monitoring System at Health Innovation Zealand

Melissa WelanderUser Experience Monitoring

“The purpose of the collaboration was to pilot level test the solution to be considered for larger-scale usage in deployment and optimization of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. This included assessment of the benefits and considerations, as well as ease-of-use and usefulness of the solution from the users’ perspective. In addition, GDPR and local data protection requirements needed to be addressed according to the chosen level of logging, anonymization, and detail.”

Region Zealand is one of the five administrative regions in Denmark, providing healthcare services to 821,000 citizens. Their hospitals have been using Sundhedsplatformen, or the Health Platform, since May 2016. Sundhedsplatformen operates in 1,100 hospitals worldwide and is provided by US Epic. Region Zealand provides Living Lab services which includes One Point Entry (OPE) for Medical devices. One Point of Entry allows for screening of new potential products and services to determine their value for the region and allows active use of health data for their development.

A pilot was done to test the Adusso software, UX monitoring, with the Sundhedsplatformen at Health Innovation Zealand. Some of the challenges that Region Zealand hoped to tackle with this pilot were problems of use causing compromised quality of service and wasted labor and resources. These types of issues have been difficult to tackle in the past since prior to this there has been no way to trace back to specific events to achieve actionable insights. Region Zealand and Adusso evaluated the potential of the UX monitoring solution to help solve some of the common technical issues associated with EHR systems including errors, latency, and the system suddenly crashing, ultimately improving things like patient safety, productivity, and physician burnout. Adusso’s UX monitoring solution helps the EHR systems reach the full potential that was initially intended when put out on the market, by allowing for immediate and actionable user insights.

Adusso can offer similar results to all major EHR systems on the market. This collaboration proved that this type of monitoring supports secure and practical EHR deployment and transitioning from old to new systems, allowing for a more optimized and interoperable environment. This pilot test and our UX monitoring system as a whole complies with the GDPR privacy and data protection standards. If you are interested in testing our product to improve your workflow and productivity while working with EHR’s, below is a link to our free trial.

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