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Plug in – Start Recording

UXblackbox is a hardware tool that captures a computers screen, mouse and keyboard actions. It is connected between a PC and its peripherals. Because no software installations are required the UXblackbox is very easy to set up and use, and everything is recorded from “in between the wires”.

Easy to Setup

  • Connect video, keyboard and mouse cables to UXblackbox input.
  • Connect a video cable from UXblackbox video output to your PC.
  • Connect a combined keyboard and mouse cable from the UXblackbox to your PC.
  • Connect the device to a power source.
  • (option) connect an external camera to the s-video in line.
  • (option) connect a microphone to the audio in line.
  • (option) connect a user feedback module with the wireless receiver to the user module input.
  • Screen Capture

    Captures the video signal from a PC with a DVI-connection. The UXblackbox features a video-in port for input and a video-out port to allow the use of an external display.

  • Keyboard Capture

    Real-time recording of keystrokes which is saved as a subtitle file, so that it is synchronized with the recorded video. This makes it easy to track keyboard strokes, key-combinations and shortcut keys. A password mode can be used to disable keyboard capture, for instance to prevent used passwords from being recorded.

  • Mouse Capture

    Real-time mouse click recording which is saved as a subtitle along with the kayboard strokes file, so that it is synchronized with the screen capture. The mouse clicks have a distinct visualization for each button that shows when the mouse buttons are pressed down and when they are released, e.g. to show drag and drop activities.

  • External video

    An external camera can be connected to the UXblackbox to film the user, capturing the user’s reactions and external situations.

  • Audio Recording

    A microphone can be connected to the UXblackbox to record external sounds, such as the user’s comments, thoughts and feedback on what is happening. Audio source can also be any source with a 3.5 mm plug.

  • User Feedback Buttons

    A wireless feedback button module can be connected to the device. This allows to tag important moments of use.