Win users over to your side for a succesful launch and support of a new product, system or service.


Health Information Systems | Business-Critical Applications

“It’s like a black box on an airplane, but for doctors. You can trace back any incident and keep improving clinical practices.”

Chief Clinical Officer

Adusso usability testing tools

Chief Clinical Officer

“Never imagined that so many support requests can become so easy to understand; there is no turning back!”

End-User Support Manager

Adusso usability testing tools

End-User Support Manager

”It doesn’t reveal only the usability problems – the findings are just any practical issues where the system could do better.”

Head of User Experience

Adusso usability testing tools

Head of User Experience

“Analytics tell you where the fire is, and this explains why.”

System Production Manager

Adusso usability testing tools

System Production Manager


Improved patient safety

Better quality of care

Successful deployments

Quick issue resolution

Suitable for all systems

Actionable user feedback

Increased user satisfaction

Professional user engagement

Our Offering


Usability Testing Tools

Tools for moderated usability testing for designers and developers

Easy reporting of usability issues for users

Hardware solution with no installations necessary. Plugs in between cables.

Software solution for large scale use and use on the go

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Decision Support Services

Professional help for project offices, system vendors and medtech manufacturers

Evaluate and make the right decisions on usability in timely manner

Evidence-based support for decision making

Tailored solutions for innovative customers

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User Experience Monitoring

Cloud-based analysis tool for designers and developers

Store, analyze, categorize, share - all in one place

Automatic upload of recordings straight to the cloud to be viewed by developers

Value-added services available for all-inclusive UX monitoring and issue resolution

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